June in Calgary is already one of the best months of the year with Sled Island music festival presenting amazing shows all over the city and the streets full of bicyclers going back and forth from venue to venue. This June promises to be even sweeter with the opening of Village Ice Cream in the East Village. Owner, Billy Friley, invited us to his grand opening party last night where guests enjoyed champagne and his marvellous, creamy and decadent ice cream for hours. I’m not usually an ice cream fan, but this ice cream is simply amazing. Brett and I shared 1 scoop of Bolivian Coffee (made with Phil & Sebastian beans)  and 1 scoop of Chilli Chocolate and both were remarkable. After a few flutes of bubbles, Brett returned for a scoop of Strawberry which was fresh and fruity without the neon food colouring appearance of the strawberry ice-cream from our youth. We’re looking forward to frequenting Billy’s shop on hot summer days and are already dreaming about baking cookies worthy enough to make our own Village Ice Cream sandwiches.