Canada Day was an absolute blast.  Emily and I hosted a pig roast at our house and roasted a 70lb. Berkshire ppig from Broek Pork Acres.  We heated up some tempeh for the vegetarians and served both the pork and tempeh with a chipotle barbecue sauce, green cabbage slaw and white corn tortillas.  The pig took about 7hrs to cook and tasted amazing! Originally when I ordered the pig, I asked the butcher to butterfly it so I could cook it over a charcoal pit.  At the last minute I decided that I didn’t want to risk cooking it that way, so I rented a rotisserie.  I sewed up the underbelly with twine, poked holes all over the skin so the fat could render out and lathered it up with canola oil and a sprinkle of kosher salt (Ha!).  The pig was devoured in about half an hour and the only thing remaining was a bit of the skin and the bones.  I cant wait to do the next one!