A few days ago we were craving some adventure and set off to the volcanic island of Omeptepe, Nicaragua. We stayed at Zopilote a permaculture farm and unbeknownst to us, hippie commune. It was a pretty fascinating and unique visit. For starters, we showed up after dark with 2 flashlights and 6 people and made a few failed attempts to navigate around the property. When we finally found the check-in bunker we shared a bottle of wine and some interesting conversation with some of the folks living on the property in tents. We promised to join them for a 5:30am meditation circle (which none of us ultimately showed up for) and then made our way to our dorm room which was a roof over 6 beds outdoors. We shared lots of giggles, visited the compost toilets, and called it a night. We awoke to the sounds of nature and purchased some treats from the farm shop, including a  homemade nutella made with fresh cacao beans. I would recommend visiting Zopilote in your lifetime if you’re up for a rustic adventure and aren’t afraid of bugs or other forrest dwelling creatures. 

Above is a beautiful pool fed by a natural spring. 

Our dorm room.

Bananas grown on the farm and free for guests to enjoy.

Compost toilets are a super sustainable bathroom alternative as bathroom waste ultimately becomes fertilizer. In Hawaii we poured mulch in the toilet after using it, at Zopilote we used rice husks. 

Lots to do! 

Brett, with our new Calgarian friends Kim + Lisa. They are enjoying the homemade nutella + peanut butter spread on bananas from the farm.