We adore our dinner club which consists of 5 rad couples (welcome RJ + Ashley!). We titled our club the Modern Dinner Club because when we started we had a litany of food restrictions and preferences to accommodate, including 1 vegetarian, 2 folks eating “paleo” and 1 celiac.  Fast forward 10 months and the former vegetarian eats meat and the paleo folks are back on grains. The only parameter we now observe is making everything gluten free. 

Last night Brett and I hosted and the theme was picnic. We feasted on modern interpretations of classic picnic fare including quiche, rice rolls w/ duck and veggies, steak and quail eggs w/ chimichurri,  proscuitto and micro arugula on parmesan crisps, smoked trout w/ fresh ricotta cheese and a quinoa salad. We finished the meal with a carved watermelon bowl filled with champagne-soaked watermelon balls.