MAUI, 2013

I endeavor to blog about the wonderful foods of Fall soon, but before that, I’m happy to share the launch of the second annual One More Breath Yoga Retreat in Maui! Last year, I had a blast preparing food for this group and this year, 2 retreats are being offered, so I get twice the amount of time to experiment in the kitchen and incorporate tropical ingredients into energizing meals. Jeff Mah + his crew attract amazing people and we’ve been lucky enough to keep in touch with several of the guests from last years’ retreat - many of whom didn’t know us or one another before coming together for that experience.

I’m looking forward to building on the knowledge I gained last winter from working on an organic farm in Maui and to preparing locally inspired meals to fuel the group. I’m especially looking forward to sharing fruits like cherimoya, star fruit and jackfruit, as well as experimenting some more with taro root. 

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