Mahalo! The first edition of the One More Breath Yoga retreat absolutely flew by.  Day 7 included a light breakfast, cleaning up, then putting out a lovely spread of leftovers from the week.  We likened this to a potluck where nothing really goes together but still seems to work.

Thanks (Mahalo) to everyone who participated in the retreat.  The OMB crew for having me do the food program, to Emily for helping me out for the 96 hours we spent in the kitchen, and to all the suppliers, farmers and independent grocery stores (especially Mana Foods) that provided us with amazing products!!  I am really looking forward to making this an annual happening!  

Some highlights from the week include: the cooking class with the 20+ people who wanted to learn some tricks and tips, breaking down huge pieces of swordfish and ahi tuna, having a walk-in fridge FULL of local produce, and working in a huge kitchen!

The snaps above are from the last day in the kitchen and around the Lumeria property.  Lumeria is certainly a pretty crazy place!  Best of luck to Xorin and Jason with this new project.

Thanks again everyone!


If you have a moment, check out the Maui Farmer’s Union website here.  I was lucky enough to purchase local produce from some of the farmers who are actively involved with this organization.  It is really cool to see what they have going on!