Last week I went to pick up some coffee from Fratello Coffee Roasters in Calgary.  This was my first time purchasing wholesale from Fratello so my new rep, John, offered me a tour of the massive facility.  Before the tour began I hung around the main room where you enter the building.  This room boasts a fully set up coffee bar, a seating area, fooseball, and an arcade game!  John spotted that I was not fully awake (despite it being 10am) and offered to make me a coffee with the Hario V60 pour over before he unloaded all of his coffee knowledge on me.  The coffee was delicious and was just what i needed.  Off we went on our tour.  In total, I was there for an hour and saw where all of the beans are stored, processed before roasting, roasted, cooled, packaged, labelled, and boxed.  This was all very amazing to see, especially when you think about quantities - fratello roasts and sells upwards of 500,000 lbs a year! The tour ended with John and I having a fooseball face-off.  John came flying out of the gates, then i stepped it up and quickly back down again, we found ourselves tied 9-9, and John fired one home for the win.  I think it must be the 5-12 cups of coffee he drinks each day.  Since my tour, I have stepped it up to 2 coffees a day.  Here are some photos from the tour:

John with the Hario v60 pour over.  I definitely picked one of these up and will be traveling everywhere with it.

The Hario kettle controls the speed at which the water exits the kettle and hits the coffee. I also bought one of these.  

150lb. bag of Direct Trade coffee.  There were hundreds of these bags full of coffee.  The guys at Fratello buy direct from coffee farmers to ensure the farmers are making as much as possible off of their beans without having to deal with middle-men.

The roasting facility.  It is not small.

3 different coffee roasters.    

Sampling a new batch of columbian up in the learning space.  This table spins around so you don’t even need to lift up your head or move to the next seat!  That is Jason on the left, one of the head honchos (three brothers own Fratello).  Unfortunately, something was not right with the beans and 3500 lbs were destined for the bin.

This is a bag of Costa Rican Miguel Rojas coffee that I picked up.  I will put it through extensive testing with my new coffee toys before I serve it to any clients.  The rest of Fratello’s current line can be viewed here.

Thanks for the tour, John!  I anticipate that I will be visiting you again sooner then anticipated, if only to have a re-match in fooseball.