Last weekend, we had the great pleasure of breaking bread with our new friends Noah + Sarah. We met Noah when we were working at Lumeria and purchased his beautiful artisan greens from him. We used his greens for various salads and Brett regularly remarked how well they “stood up to dressing.” This prompted us to request a tour of his farm, which ultimately led to a dinner party that included foraging for fresh ingredients from his land. Brett, Cody and Noah are all chefs and while they prepared delightful snacks, Sarah and I enjoyed good conversation and multiple glasses of wine.

We started with radicchio “cups” filled with goat’s cheese + citrus zest and devilled duck eggs. For dinner we enjoyed a roasted chicken stuffed with homemade ricotta cheese and various herbs, roasted root vegetables, quinoa baked with veggies and topped with arugula, tomatoes and a pesto drizzle, broccoli rabe and of course an epic green salad. 

We’ve taken the drive to their home a few times now and it’s very mystical with its misty skies, rolling hills, narrow one-way roads and lush vegetation.

Here are a few highlights:


This is the view from N + S’s farm. Fun fact: Oprah Winfrey has purchased most of land that surrounds the property. Or so the story goes.