On Wednesday afternoon we headed to Haiku to check out Leilani Farm Sanctuary.  On our way there we hit Maui Kombucha.  This place is a little hole in the wall that serves up 3 different kinds of Kombucha at a time on-tap!  I went for the blood orange.  I will definitely be back and will blog about it in the future. 

 When we arrived at Leilani Farm Sanctuary we were greeted by the owner/founder Loralie.  Loralie originally started rescuing cats and then eventually got into farm animals that would typically be consumed.  I am not too sure where all the cats are now but there were certainly a lot of farm animals. 

 The tour started off with the poultry.  There are all sort of chickens of different varieties, including those that run wild around Maui (not good for eating) and even a variety from India.  You can only check out chickens for so long, so we moved on to a few ducks.  The ducks soon got into a fight (see picture) and Loralie had to pry them off one another.  Apparently there are 2 males and 1 female and it was all over love.  Who knew ducks fight!

 We carried on and checked out a pot belly pig who is blind and deaf.  The pig used to be owned by a restaurant owner who would feed the pig all his scraps from the restaurant.  The pig got so fat that its eyes shut and it lost its vision.  Loralie put it on a weight loss plan that got him back down to normal pig weight.

 Other highlights of the trip included an axis deer that looks like Bambi and likes to hang with humans, goats, donkeys, super cute rabbits, another massive pig eating jackfruit, eating surinam cherries and lolikai (passionfruit).

 Sorry about the pics on these, the animals wouldn’t hold still!