I should start the post by stating how much I love oysters.  I love them, a lot.  They are good for me, they are fun to eat, they are good for the bays they are grown in, and there are so many different kinds out there that everyone can pick a favourite.  

After our day out on the sea we stopped by the Colville Bay Oyster Co. to pick up some of Johnny Flynn’s world-class jade-shelled oysters for the rehearsal dinner.  Colville bay oysters have a unique taste due to the location of their farm.  The bay is located at the mouth of the Souris river where the river meets the sea.   As a result, these oysters are not as salty as other more common PEI oysters.  I had a great conversation with Johnny Flynn and he gave me a quick tour of his operation.  These oysters take 4 years to grow!

Big Thanks to Johnny Flynn for the oysters and the tour!  If you can get your hands on some of his oysters at any point in your life make sure you take advantage!  They are in high demand and only a select bunch can get his product on a regular basis.