ODB Travels: 5 Places to Snack in Copenhagen, Denmark

Greetings from Denmark! I've just started a semester of study at the University of Copenhagen and when I'm not studying, I'm out visiting the markets and food establishments of the city. In this post, I’ll share a few spots that serve up delicious snacks and drinks in casual spaces. All of these places are as easily enjoyed on your own as with a date. 

Torvehallerne Market

Vibe: Bustling, fresh, energetic

Try: Start with a cup of coffee from Coffee Collective, and enjoy it while strolling around the market. For a traditional Danish snack, try Hallernes Smorrebrod which serves open-faced sandwiches with various colourful toppings. You can find everything here from tacos to Vietnamese steam buns and I’m still eating my way around this place. For fresh produce and flowers, check out the market vendors set up outside.

Find Torvehallerne: Frederiksborggade 21

 This market is one of the first discoveries I made in Copenhagen and is handy to the Norreport station. I’m here daily.

Copenhagen Street Food

Vibe: Industrial space with loads of culinary diversity

Try: I had bibimbap from a Korean vendor called Bulko and it hit the spot. Wash down your snack with a local beer from Cow Bar.

Find Copenhagen Street FoodTrangravsvej 14

 Cuisine from all over the world is represented at this market. If you visit this place with a crowd, chances are everyone will meet back at a communal table with food from different vendors. While you're in this neighbourhood, bike along the beautiful canals and visit the Christiana community.


Vibe: Cozy, small, comfort food 

Try: This restaurant serves up beautiful bowls of porridge with traditional oats and other grains. The menu offers sweet options (such as gooseberry compote with skyr, and chestnut puree) as well as savory options (such as curried lentils with smoked almonds, skyr, and cilantro). I’ve had the curried lentils twice and enjoyed it immensely both times. 

Find Grod: Jægersborggade 50

 There are a few Grod locations, including one at Tourvehallerne Market – but I like to visit the location on Jaegersborggade in Norrebro. It’s tiny and candlelit and I imagine it will be a regular haunt of mine when it cools down. Oh, and they have a cookbook in English and Danish! Plus there are lots of little shops and restaurants to visit on this street.


Vibe: Intimate space serving hearty, rustic food and good wine 

Try: The tartare is wonderful. It is served on sourdough bread and garnished with watercress. Wash it down with a glass of wine. 

Find Manfreds: Jaegersborggade 40

I visited this place with a girlfriend and we ordered a few snacks and some wine to enjoy at the bar. I think it would be a sweet place for a date, but also the kind of place you could grab a seat at the bar solo and feel comfortable. The food is simple and ingredient-driven and reminded me of the type of fare an ODB customer would appreciate. After eating here I discovered that this place is featured in the "Where Chefs Eat" book that we carry at the shop.


Vibe: Cocktail bar

Try: Any of the house cocktails

Find 1105: Kristen Bernikows Gade 4

This is a lovely room to end your night in - it's dimly lit and cozy (think r&b music, plush sofas and private nooks - sort of akin to being at a friend's very nice apartment for drinks) and the bartenders are very knowledgeable and friendly. Order a few snacks and take a recommendation from the bartender on what to drink. This place is on the expensive side - nurse your cocktail and just enjoy being in the room.