ODB Kitchen Mix Series || 15.03.27 || DJ TOYKO


This is the second installment in our Kitchen Mix Series and we are so excited to be bringing you a mix all the way from Toronto by DJ Tokyo. 

DJ Tokyo is Richard Freeman, and although he made the mix in Toronto, he is a Calgary native. Richard hosted a show on CJSW for 8 years that eventually came to be called the Dubble Bounce. YYC lost him to the windy streets of the Big Smoke a year ago so he could do his Masters in Architecture. Thanks to the magic of the Internet we can still get his killer mixes here in YYC.

"This mix works best when you combine your food thang with your groove thang. Some of my favorite dinner parties are the stand up kind with small plates and booty shaking. RnB to set the mood, disco vibes to get ya moving plus some party tracks so that guests will be too busy singing along to the latest jams to notice if you burn something."

-DJ Tokyo 

Check back on the last Friday of every month for the latest mix in the series. 

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