ODB Brew Bar Presents Anchored Coffee

As you may have noticed, something has been..ahem..brewing at Our Daily Brett. We’ve carried Anchored Coffee beans since we opened. As of this morning, we will showcase this awesome coffee by serving it by the cup. We’re now slinging coffees from our brew bar and serving pour overs using Anchored Coffee beans. The beans are roasted in Nova Scotia; the owners are Zane Kelsall and Dean Petty.

 The team at Anchored work hard to build relationships with farmers and use a direct trade model, buying seasonally from small farms. They visit the farms they trade with so they can see what both the land and the farmer are like. Good vibes go a long way with the people at Anchored …

Before Anchored Coffee, the owners opened their first (of three) cafes in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia called Two if By Sea. Building on the momentum they generated at their landmark café, they expanded their business model to include a roastery operating under the name Anchored Coffee. Anchored Coffee is a place where wild things happen. On any given day, you can expect to find the guys slamming back coffee (lots) and engaging in push-up contests and dance-offs when they’re not too busy roasting coffee and running cafés.

 Luckily, they also had a few minutes to answer some questions so we could learn more about the dudes behind the anchor.

Zane Kelsall

Zane Kelsall

Dean Petty 

Dean Petty 

Where did the idea to start a roastery in Dartmouth come from? 

 After opening the Two If By Sea Cafes, we were presented with the opportunity to enter a BDC young entrepreneur contest. We always wanted to roast our own coffee, but the start-up costs were too daunting to pull the trigger. Good news is... we won. Dartmouth is home, so it was natural to put our business where we live.

 How was your interest in coffee first sparked?

 Zane - working at cafes since I was 15. It’s been my life for the past 15 years. I knew that opening my own cafes was the only way to turn that into a career. 

 Dean - I came on board with a background in craft beer. It was an easy transition into coffee. There are lots of similarities in the two. 

 What’s your philosophy or coffee mandate?

 To make delicious coffee without pretension. The back of our coffee bag kind of sums up what we do: WE ROAST COFFEE WE'RE PROUD OF.  TRANSPARENTLY SOURCED. CAREFULLY DEVELOPED. CONSISTENTLY DELICIOUS.

 What’s your favourite snack to pair with coffee? 

 Rice krispy squares and pop tarts.  

What’s your favourite non-coffee bevy?

 Old Fashioneds and Chardonnay 

 Do you have a daily coffee ritual?

 Cup of black coffee every morning to start the day.  

 How much coffee do you usually drink in a day?


 What advice would you give to someone considering starting a small business?

 No toe dipping.  If you decide to take the plunge, make sure you really like what you are about to dedicate your entire life to and get enough support to do it properly right out of the gate. 

 What are some of your favourite spots for eating or drinking?

 In the Maritimes: 

 Field Guide

Ace Burger

Truly Tasty Ramen


 Joe Beef (MTL)

Patati Patata (MTL)

Raymonds (NFLD)

 What’s next for Anchored Coffee?

 More trips to origin [farms] to meet our producers, keeping our growth healthy, and continuing to have fun doing what we love to do.

 ODB is stoked to start slinging coffees from our brew bar and serving pour overs using Anchored Coffee beans.

 Currently Brewing:

Rwandan Kanzu

Notes: Chocolate pudding, Meyer Lemon, Lychee