Introducing the ODB kitchen Mix Series

Have you ever noticed that when you have a party, everyone hangs in the kitchen? It’s because the kitchen is the control centre for the food and drinks. It’s where the evening’s excitement starts to percolate and bubble up to the surface.

  It’s the feeling of something about to happen. We wanted to be able to have that feeling anytime, anywhere.

 In that spirit, we are pleased to introduce: the ODB Kitchen Mix Series.

  We’ve asked some of our favourite DJ’s to make us a playlist featuring their go-to tunes for sharing food–whether cooking for friends, hosting a dinner, or setting the mood for a late-night kitchen party.

 What we hope to share is each DJ’s take on food and entertaining told through music.

The first instalment in our series comes from Teddy Celebration, a sweet dude who has been making mixes and playing them in clubs for the last decade (at least). 

"This mix features a bunch of disco, soul, and reggae music I supposed would be nice to listen to while shopping for olive oil, or barbecuing asparagus, or sipping on an imported soda. Essentially, I wanted to make a mix that would go down easy. Hopefully, it is stuff you haven't heard, or vaguely recognize, yet still find palatable." -Teddy Celebration

Check back on the last Friday of every month for the latest mix in the series. 

Want to send us your kitchen party mix?  Get in touch: