Happy Friday, Calgary! We're not sure where November went, but it's the last Friday of the month and that means it's time for a brand new kitchen mix. Whether you're hiding from the shopping malls this black weekend or having some friends in for drinks, we've got your playlist covered. We're super stoked to introduce, Joanna Magik. 

You can hear Joanna Magik DJ most nights of the week but it won’t usually be at the club. Rather, you can hear her music style set the mood at fashion events, art shows, backyard bbqs, and, most often, you’ll hear it to a packed house at a fitness studio. “I teach that type of spin class where it feels like you’re in a nightclub. All of the instructors work very hard on their playlists and I just happen to come with a bit of [good] baggage from the music and entertainment industry. I'm equipped to go a little deeper with it.” says Joanna. She's known for fresh remixes featuring everything from new tunes through to the sing-a-long anthems that your Dad got drunk to as a teenager. “Witnessing people really experience a song and be in the moment is a simple pleasure of mine. I sometimes worry I get too weird in my selections but when I see people get absorbed by a song they don’t know, like ‘close-their-eyes’ absorbed, I’m excited by the magical musical voyage we’re on. Even if it’s while wearing a sweat-soaked t-shirt and sprinting on a stationary bike - we’re wild and free for a moment.”

Joanna has a background in sports and entertainment marketing, announcing and mc’ing (she announced the Vancouver 2010 Olympic snowboard events) and currenty curates the athleisure brand TheSweatStyle.com. She heads up The Outsiders Run Club, is a regular fitness contributor to Branded Magazine and teaches what she calls “bikeclubbin" at One Cycle Spin Studio.  This playlist is curated to her kind of dinner party; it’s short ("because I’m an overcommitted zeal-ahol with limited time") and goes well with an ‘electrolyte drink’ appetizer and a 'protein shake’ main paired with ab crunches. Jokes aside, the intention of the mix is to create a little bit of a kitchen dance party and, whether it stays there or progresses to a night on the town, you hopefully got to be wild and free for a calorie-burning moment.

Find Joanna Magik on instagram @joannamagik @thesweatstyle and on soundcloud.com/joannamagik.