ODB Travels: Best Food Moments from Brett's Europe Trip

If you follow Our Daily Brett on social media, you’ll know I recently visited Copenhagen, London, and Paris. The primary reason for my trip was to visit my wife who is currently studying in Copenhagen. Like most of our trips, our days were largely organized around food. Neither of us are big on tight schedules on holiday, but loose daily plans would often be organized around some market, café, or restaurant. While we had so many amazing food experiences on this trip, I’ve created a shortlist of some of our favourites. If you find yourself visiting one of these great cities, I highly recommend any of the places that follow.

1.    Torvehallerne Market, Copenhagen

Where we shopped for dinner ingredients and wine, and ate porridge and tacos (on different visits!) from market vendors. 

2.    Manfreds, Copenhagen

Where we loved the beef tartare and amazing selection of natural wines including some standout orange wines (of particular note was a sparkling orange wine by Podere Pradarolo called Vej).

3.    Kødbyens Fiskebar, Copenhagen

Where the seafood dishes were colourful, inspiring, and delicious and our server enjoyed a digestif with us after our meal.

4.    Hill & Szrok, London

Where we sat around a butcher block, enjoyed the company of our London pals, and feasted on various animal parts prepared with true skill (this place is a butcher shop by day and restaurant by night and was a major highlight for us).

5.    Broadway Market, London

Where we drank coffee and shopped for produce, poultry, and seafood to make dinner for our London pals. One of our favourite stops was at Fin and Flounder, a fishmonger in the market.

6.    Leila’s, London

Where we sampled and bought cheese and grapes and enjoyed being in this rustic and beautifully arranged shop in London’s Shoreditch neighbourhood.

7.    Huitrerie Regis, Paris

Where we slurped a dozen oysters each before heading out for our real dinner.

8.    Vivant, Paris

Where we ate tender duck breast and drank everything our server recommended. 

9. Candelaria Taqueria, Paris

Where we crushed tacos at the restaurant bar and visited the adjoined speakeasy for a liquid dessert.