KAUAI, 2014

I'm back in Calgary this week after a terrific time in Kauai, Hawaii with Jeff Mah and a group of wonderful retreat participants. This year marked the third annual One More Breath yoga retreat. In previous years, we've hosted at bigger retreat centres on Maui. This year we decided to host a more intimate retreat, renting a big house on Kauai's stunning north shore.  As always, Jeff and I arrived a few days early to get the lie of the land. For myself, this included sourcing local ingredients and meeting local farmers and food producers. A few of the ingredient highlights this year were Wild Boar, Mahi Mahi, Ahi Tuna, Wahoo, Cream Apples, Soursop, Rambutans, and Longons.  A Big thank you goes out to some of my suppliers on the island: Moloa'a Organica'a Farm and Fresh Island Fish.

Na Pali Coast 

Taro Fields on the north shore.

Fresh Ahi Tuna


Longons + Soursop

Eggs from the Hanalei Farmers Market

A water fall in Waimea Canyon

This is a wild boar that we procured through a local hunter.  Our order was placed on a Friday night and ready by the same time the next day.  Great work by the hunter!

Boar ready for braising