Roast Pig for our "Luau" on the last day!

Oprah's Garden in Keokeo

We went to Mama's Fish House for dinner after the retreat, I indulged in a couple of Scorpion's!

Noah's Garden ion Keokeo.  This is his "neglected" garden.

Went fishing.  All I caught was a lousy sunburn!  The whale watching was pretty spectacular though!

oah and I threw a party up at his place in Kula and invited 30 people.  We made a whole bunch of awesome food!  This dish was a play on the hawaiian classic Spam Musubi.  We saved the pig's head from our roast and made a Head Cheese Musubi

One of Noah's tomato houses in Haiku

Last meal in Maui up at Noah's!  Chicken wings with a creme fraiche + caper dipping sauce, flame grilled venison (over peach wood), fresh arugula.  dudes night!