When do you deliver?

We deliver on Monday evenings between 4:00-7:00p.m.

What if I can’t be home when you deliver?

When you place your order by clicking here you can choose 1 of the following 3 delivery options: leave in a cooler in backyard, leave in cooler in front yard, leave with my doorman (for those who live in condo buildings).

Who provides the cooler?

You do!

Where do you deliver?

Please see our delivery zone map below.

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 Can you accommodate substitutions? 

Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate substitution requests.

 I’m a vegetarian; do you have a vegetarian plan?

Not at this time, although we usually feature one vegetarian entrée per week in our meal delivery program.

 I’m gluten-free; are your meals gluten-free?

Our meals are always gluten-free! Please note that our commercial kitchen facility does sometimes have wheat products in it.

 When do I have to place my order for Monday delivery?

Please place your order by the Wednesday prior to the Monday that you want delivery. This gives us ample time to order the ingredients from our suppliers. You can select “recurring order” so that you don’t have to remember every week. When you select “recurring order” you will automatically be billed each week to the credit card number that we have on file for you.

 What if I have to cancel my order?

Please let us know by the Wednesday prior to delivery if you need to cancel your order. After Wednesday, our orders for ingredients have already been placed and we will not be able to cancel your order. In this event, you can choose to gift your order to a friend or colleague. 

 What kinds of meals can I expect to eat on this program?

The meals in our delivery program are hearty, healthy, and designed to fuel busy lifestyles. We usually feature at least one meat, one seafood, and one vegetarian entrée. Our feature snacks usually include one vegetable-based snack (crudités and dip or kale chips) and one power-snack (protein-packed cookies or power bars). Our meals always have a high vegetable and protein content with some whole-grain carbohydrates.

 Do you use a commercial kitchen facility to prepare the meals?


 Can you provide calorie information for your meals and snacks?

We do not currently provide caloric information on our meals. This is largely because our menus change weekly according to what’s fresh at the markets and it would be difficult to assess the calories on a weekly basis. In addition, our philosophy focuses more on nutrition-density than calorie counting. Many foods that are low in fat and calories are filled with unhealthy ingredients like sugar and salt and won’t provide sustainable energy. Our focus is on ensuring that we select nutritious, high quality ingredients. 

 Do you have a plan for kids?

Not yet! Let us know if this interests you and if we have enough interest we’ll see what we can cook up.

 Where can I send feedback about the program?

We love feedback! Please send your feedback to info@ourdailybrett.com

 How big are your meal portions? Can 2 people share them?

The entrees are designed to be a large dinner portion or 2 small lunch entrees. Some people do share one entrée and fix some salads or sides themselves to bulk them up. We recommend one full order per person and taking any leftovers to the office the next day.

What is the food philosophy behind this program?

Our program is designed to provide busy people with nutritious meals that use premium ingredients including ethically raised meats, gluten-free and whole grains, and lots of fresh produce. Our feature snacks are designed to ensure that people have easy, healthy food throughout the day.