Every Thursday at Greenleaf farm is harvest day.  Normally with CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) the farm owners will harvest their food and put together baskets with whatever they choose.  The customers don’t have much say on what goes in the basket so all they have to do is show up for their food.  At Greenleaf farms they do things a little different.  They have such a diverse farm with so many things to choose from they send out an email with options so that their customers can place orders. 

 This week at the farm we harvested so many different things: jacon, taro, avocado, passionfruit, meyer lemons, assorted salad greens and brassicas, papaya, bananas, assorted herbs, swiss chard, cherimoya, chayote, and carrots.  I am probably missing 5 other things which is totally crazy. 

 I’ll get into more of what and where things are on the farm at a later date, but for now have a peek at the photos from this weeks harvest.