Maderas Village has the most wonderful energy and as a result seems to attract like-minded visitors. The most difficult thing about this place is meeting awesome people, really connecting with them and then saying goodbye a few days later. The village is a collaborative project between friends that met while travelling in Nica. They all bring unique skill sets and a lot of enthusiasm and make it all seem effortless. As important to the village vibe are the businesses and local people that are an essential part of the community. Dunia is one of these people! Yesterday, Dunia and I shared a pot of home brewed tea on the front porch of her home and massage studio. The tea was lovely, made of brewed jasmine and lemongrass tea and enhanced with fresh ginger and cinnamon bark. Dunia teaches surf lessons, offers restorative surf massages, and is an all around inspiring woman! She is very resourceful and has slowly built the home of her dreams, often incorporating materials found on the beach such as the fallen tree that was used to make her table (which I love!).