I swung by Knifewear in Inglewood today and picked up this little gem.  The blade is made of Aogami carbon steel and the handle is Cherry wood.  This knife was hand made by a 68-year-old Japanese man named Kato San.  The only metal work I have ever done was during my first (and only) semester at art school.  Our first task was to made old fashioned nails, similar to what they would have used back when the railroads were being laid down.  Needless to say, my nails didn’t work out very well so I feel like I have even more appreciation for the level of craftsmanship that goes into a piece like this.

Go visit Knifewear on 9th Avenue in Calgary - we are lucky to have a store like this in our city.  Be warned though - they might not let you leave without chopping a potato or tomato with one of their many knives.