We are just a day away from the retreat and that means there is a lot of ingredient sourcing and picking up to be done.  Yesterday, Emily and I hit a number of local farms, markets and our favourite natural food shop on the island: Mana Foods.  Highlights included: a large bag of star fruit, several pounds of beautiful produce from our lovely hosts at The Greenleaf Farm, a tour of Kahanu Aina Greens where we were lucky to sample farmer and Maui Farmer Union President Vincent Mina’s home brewed Apple-Ginger Kombucha and sourcing tropical ingredients and super foods that we’re very excited to experiment with!   This is the Makawao Farmer’s Market where we sourced white sapote, lilikoi juice and ten-dozen fresh eggs!

We trekked out to Wailuku to visit Christina Chang for 20lbs. of Starfruit at Lokelani Ohana.

Our next stop was to Vincent’s farm and it was super awesome!  This is the area where they start the sprouts

Once they grow to their full potential, they are harvested, washed, sorted and bagged.

Emily sampling Vincent’s home-brew Kombucha.