We have just arrived back in Maui after a week in Kauai. We were invited to prepare the food for a wedding reception and brunch on “the garden island.” In an unexpected turn of events, the power went out on the entire island just as we were about to begin cooking! Luckily the newlyweds and their family and friends had amazing spirits. A few guests remarked that the candlelight was perfectly intimate and romantic. With only a few modifications to our menu and lots of time at the barbeque we served up several mini courses throughout the evening. Although unplanned, we thought this worked wonderfully as the feasting went on throughout the evening. The power came back on just in time for dessert! A big thank you to the newlyweds for reaching out to us for their special day.We didn’t have time to snap any photos at the event but look forward to sharing any that we get from the wedding party.For now here is a panoramic view of a section of our drive up to Hanalei.