Happy Love Day!

Today is Valentines Day and this morning as Brett prepared a breakfast of quinoa porridge I went upstairs to the main studio to get him a warm cup of coffee and a basket of freshly baked cookies which I’d been hiding so as to surprise him. The cookies were made with Teff flour, tahini, honey, cocoa and chili spice. I even stayed home from the beach yesterday afternoon to bake them.

Sounds romantic right?

You can imagine my surprise when I brought them down. Rather than being excited, Brett seemed uncomfortable. Turns out he figured we would “take this year off” of Valentines Day and hadn’t prepared anything for me! I failed to follow his logic, which seemed to go as follows: we’re in a romantic place for 3 months so celebrating on one particular day is unnecessary.

This could have resulted in a huge missed opportunity, but luckily my mister thinks on his toes and we hopped in the truck and went to Maui Kombucha. This place is a dream, selling fresh Kombucha on tap.  The flavors change daily and today’s offerings included: orange spice, ginger concord and blueberry jasmine. 

Samples are offered in shot glasses and the handsome gentleman behind the counter greeted guests by asking “you booch-in’ today?” to which most guests answered “yes.” We figured that this was his way of asking whether you wished to sample the daily flavors. Brett and I settled on a mixture of the ginger concord and blueberry jasmine.

The best part of Maui Kombucha is a large fridge stocked with raw desserts that include cupcakes, truffles, pies and more! We shared an “I heart you special” which included 2 cupcakes, 2 pieces of white chocolate and a large piece of dark chocolate. The cupcakes were absolutely delicious, made with coconut flour and strawberry icing!

Brett later tried to claim that he had called ahead to coordinate the “I heart you special” especially for me. A tough story for me to believe as the fridge was stocked with this sampler.  If you notice a lapse in blog posts written by me, it’s because my co-blogging privileges have been revoked.