Last week, Brett and I joined a group of women on their annual horseback riding retreat. This was our second time at Flink Rock Ranch (located in Pincher Creek County) this year. We packed lots of carrots and strawberries to feed the horses and always took a bit of time each day to be in nature. It’s such a pleasure to spend the days in a cookhouse surrounded by grazing animals. Here’s a preview of some of the food:

Brett called this a cross between a tuna nicoise and a chef’s salad.

Charcuterie board with pickled asparagus, smoked bison pastrami, mortadella and bresola, buffalo mozzarella, tiger blue and vintage gouda.

Grilled zucchini ribbons wrapped around feta cheese and garnished with crushed pine nuts.

Bite-sized lamb meatballs with roasted tomatoes stuffed with herbs and garlic.