Today was so much fun.

 We were lucky enough to join our hosts Marta and Bill on a visit to their friend Chef Susan Teton’s home for a day of fermenting fun. 

We began by preparing an assortment of vegetables and herbs to ferment and mixed them together with salt. sugar and sea minerals. The assorted veggie variety included: cabbage, carrot, parsley, ginger juice, onions and I’m sure I’m missing a few. The final batch was a colourful medley of flavourful vegetables. I was amazed that no additional ingredients were required to kick-start the fermentation – just veggies, salt and sugar.  We were invited to sample a spoonful from a finished batch and it was positively delicious and flavourful.

Another dish Susan invited us to sample was Ogi – a fermented millet porridge. She served this with a drizzle of flax oil and some sugar. It was lovely.

Marta, in her typical fashion had a number of creative combinations that she wished to experiment with, but alas time was not on our side. We helped her prepare kimchi and miso carrots, both of which promise to be delicious.  Marta’s knowledge about nourishing foods is humbling and inspiring at the same time.

We concluded this Sunday afternoon perfectly with a wonderful lunch spread enjoyed on the patio overlooking the sea. Highlights from lunch included fermented coconut chutney and cauliflower with a flax sesame dressing.  We wrapped various ingredients with large cabbage leaves and ate until we were very full.