Forgoing food is not something we ever do. A great portion of our time is spent planning meals and snacks for others and for ourselves. This all changed last weekend when we began a 3 day juice cleanse. We met the lovely Charis, owner of Bava Juice at one of our events and by the end of the weekend we were signed up. 

On Saturday morning we awoke to 2 cases of freshly squeezed juice on our doorstep.  Brett’s favourite was the morning juice blend of beets, carrots, oranges, celery, lemon, apple, parsley and lemongrass. My favourite was the dinner juice, a bright purple concoction made of cabbage, blueberries, grapefruit, papaya, pineapple, watercress and ginger.  

While the juices and the almond-sesame nut milk were delicious and surprisingly sustaining, we opted to add a little unpasteurized honey to the “snack” concentrate of lemon and cranberry juice and enjoy big bowls of hot miso soup in the afternoons. 

We both survived and feel a little fresher for it!


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