#NHBRDOTW: Neighbour Cafe's Dog-of-the-Week Series

A few blog posts ago, we announced that we opened a new cafe in Calgary's Altadore neighbourhood. One of the things we noticed right away about our new hood was that Altadoreans love their furry friends. At any time of day, you can find someone's pooch tied up in front of the cafe. And some (most) of these pups are better dressed than we are (see Stella, pictured above)! One morning Brett was enjoying a turmeric latte (he takes his with a shot of espresso added) when he had an idea to start an Instagram series to celebrate the dogs of the hood. Each week, the Neighbour team selects an upstanding dog that visits the cafe. The winning pooch wins a bag of locally-made dog treats from the good people at Unleashed and a coffee for his or her human. Ever since the series was announced the neighbourhood dogs have been on their best behaviour and in their finest outfits. It seems that every dog in town is vying to be the next dog-of-the-week. A few weeks ago, we overheard one owner warn his dog that he would never be dog-of-the-week if he kept barking in front of the shop.

How it Works

Think your dog has what it takes to be dog-of-the-week? To have your pup considered, post a snap of him/her in front of Neighbour on Instagram and hashtag the photo #NHBRDOTW. Every Saturday morning, our team reviews the photos and selects the dog-of-the-week. Every winner automatically qualifies to be dog-of-the-year (more on that to follow).