Phil Chu is a member of the DJ collective, Kinfolk and DJs as Future Phil. Kinfolk are basically the house DJs of our life at ODB. They've been involved in many of the big life moments from the early days of ODB - Canada Day Pig Roasts, Brett's Wedding and 30th Birthday, our grand opening at ODB and a smattering of our client's weddings.  In this mix Phil shows off his personal style and we have to admit, we were surprised at the soulful, slow vibe. We have a feeling Phil's phone may be blowing up with requests from the ladies for a homemade dinner after this mix goes live.

             Phil pre-haircut days enjoying a lemon-meringue pie and a glass of old-world red.

Cooking with love and good intent are key factors to preparing an exquisite meal. That's why I started my mix with a half hour of love songs. This first half hour is perfect to listen to while preparing food or enjoying an intimate dinner. The hour that follows is curated for a backyard barbecue or pool party. It's a playful mix meant to be enjoyed with the company of good friends and sunshine. 

- Future Phil