At ODB, we love dips. We consider them to be a perfect way to sneak mega protein and veggies into your diet whether you use a chip or crudité as your vessel. This beet-cashew dip is a beautiful magenta hue and makes a nutritious on-the-go snack or snazzy addition to any appetizer spread. Follow the recipe below to make our popular dip at home, or pick up a container next time you visit our market and simply transfer to a pretty bowl, drizzle with arbequino olive oil (we recommend Castillo de Canena), and garnish with Maldon salt for texture.


Beets (1 cup), raw cashews (1 cup), lemon juice (to taste), sea salt (to taste), olive oil (2 tbsp).


Boil beets in salt water until beets are tender enough to pierce to centre with a fork. Drain beets, peel beets, and transfer to food processor. Add cashews, lemon juice, and sea salt to food processor and start processing. Gradually add olive oil while processor is running. Transfer to your favourite bowl, drizzle with a finishing olive oil (such as an arbequino by Castillo de Canena)and garnish with Maldon salt. Pairs beautifully with baguette, heirloom crudités, or corn chips (all available at our 14 Street Market).