It's wild salmon season and I couldn't be happier!  I recently picked up about 50lbs of Sockeye for an event and had some leftovers.  I decided to cure some salmon for my personal chef clients and for general eating.  I used a mixture of sugar and salt (30/70) and the zest of 4 lemons.  I rubbed the mixture onto every surface of the fish and let it rest in the fridge tightly wrapped in saran wrap for 36 hours under some weight.  After 18 hours I flipped it and drained all of the liquid that was released.  It's always amazing to see how much liquid comes out.  After the full 36-hours I rinsed the fish and it was ready for eating!  We had some friends over for brunch on Sunday (more on that later!) and I served some of the salmon with wild arugula, lemon zest and some nice fruity olive oil.

pre-rinse off

final product