This past weekend I had the pleasure of cooking for Alice Hong's yoga retreat in Bragg Creek.  I have always enjoyed visiting Bragg Creek but have never had the opportunity to stay over and see what it is all about.  Although I did not make it into the town to explore the different shops, seeing the Folk Tree Lodge was all I needed.

Folk Tree Lodge is owned by Paola + Alvise Doglioni, two lovely Italians who moved to Canada about 12 years ago.  The property boasts two main guest cabins (Beaver House and Deer House), a tree house, some horses, 5 cats, a malamute dog (that looks like a wolf)  a moose (non-resident status), lots of deer and a completely relaxed setting that makes you feel like you are hours away from the busy city!   Check out the map below to see what their property is all about and visit their website here. 

Thanks to Alice and Dave for having me on their retreat and to all of the retreat participants for eating everything up!  Apologies for the photo quality (iPhone) and for the lack of food photos!

image stolen from Folk Tree Lodge website